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Here are a few recent ratings and testimonials  from patients that we have treated in our temecula dental office of Dr Michael Skidmore:

“We are very impressed with your office and staff and are happy to be your clients. You do great work!!” S.H.

“I can’t stop smiling at myself in the mirror. Truly gorgeous chompers now! You are an artist and a professional, Dr. Skidmore, and I am a Big Fan!” D.F.

“Thank you Dr. Skidmore, Jasmine & Pat! My new teeth feel & look great! See you soon!” D.J.

“Jennifer is seriously the best hygienist ever. Thanks to everyone in the office for being AMAZING!” A.C.

“You guys are the best my kids love you and are excited when I tell them they are going to the dentist!!!” A.E.

“Thanks to you Dr. Skidmore and your amazing staff!!! I love ya man!…Jasmine.. what a thorough, thoughtful, and gentle expert she was!” E.K.

Dr. Skidmore looks forward to the opportunity to give you the same great care and satisfaction these patients have received.  We treat everyone in our Temecula denist office with integrity and respect. Dr Skidmore is  a cosmetic dentist in Temecula as well as a family dentist in Temecula.

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