More Reviews and Ratings of Temecula Dentist, Dentists in Temecula

Here are a handful of reviews, ratings and remarks about Temecula Dentist Dr Skidmore. These are taken from our Facebook Fanpage which can be found at:

A new patient from Murrieta had this to say:
1st time patient at Dr. Skidmore’s office. My experience was excellent (for a dentist visit), enhanced by the personable and knowledgeable staff. The hygienist, Jennifer, did a great job in whitening the teeth during the cleaning. Thanks- Steve D

A Temecula Invisalign patient:
Thank you to Dr. Skidmore, for a wonderful experience with Invisalign! I just completed it today, and couldn’t be happier!– Melissa W

A new family said this of Temecula Family and Cosmetic Dentist Dr Skidmore:
We love Dr.Skidmore’s dental office and the views are so great from there. It does not remind me of of a scary dental office but a peaceful retreat with warm, professional personnel.

– M.R family

This one came from an established patient who drives all the way from Menifee:
Dr. Skidmore’s office is the best! They are always so friendly and professional. I always know I’m in good hands. With other dentists, I sometimes feel like they are “upselling” the product. I’ve never felt that way at his office.

A family from Hemet:
I have been extremely impressed with the personal and professional care I have received at Dr. Skidmore’s office. They are such a warm, caring staff and very personable. Jennifer is, without a doubt, the BEST dental hygenist ever!!! It is nice to know we are in such good hands.

If you want a great dentist go to Dr. Skidmore. This is the best office you will ever go to and it is for the whole family they are great with my kids too.
There are a bunch more on our Facebook page, all about our Temecula Dentist office. Dr Skidmore and his staff strive to have every patient leave feeling like the ones above. We provide care for the whole family, including cosmetics like veneers, lumineers, crowns and bridges. Not many dentists in Temcula take the time to get to know patients and treat them as individuals.

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