Dentist in Temecula Provides Free Screenings and Education to Local Schools

Temecula Dentist, Dr. Skidmore Volunteers at Temecula Elementary School

Dr. Michael Skidmore of Temecula and his dental assistant spent the day with students at a local elementary school, where they received dental screenings. Dr. Skidmore, a Temecula dentist, taught the kids how to brush, floss and maintain good dental health. For some students, this was the first time they had ever been examined by a dentist. Dr. Skidmore, a Temecula dentist, had a great time teaching the kids about the importance of good oral hygiene and dental check-ups. Dr. Skidmore is a family dentist in Temecula as well as a cosmetic dentist in Temecula. His Temecula dental office is accepting new patients. Dr. Skidmore provides veneers in Temecula, dental crowns, smile makeovers.

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