Invisalign G3: Invisalign in Temecula, Invisalign Dentist Temecula

Invisalign in Temecula is making huge steps to improve outcomes and treat more cases!  If you have ever considered straightening your teeth but don’t want to wear braces then Invisalign is for you!!   Instead  of metal brackets and wires you only have to wear a completely clear, virtually invisible plastic trays.  Invisalign has been around for years and has fixed many smiles, but now its getting even better.

Temecula Invisalign dentist, Dr Skidmore is excited to be a part of this exciting Next Generation of Invisalign.

Invisalign G3 is here!! Invisalign® is constantly innovating to deliver the clinical results you expect. Invisalign G3 – the most significant collection of innovations in Align’s history – is engineered to deliver even better clinical results. New features designed to make it possible to treat Class II (overbite) and Class III (underbite) cases with Invisalign.

Temecula Dentist Dr Skidmore is always on the cutting edge and is excited to be one of the few dentists in Temecula that will offer Invisalign G3!  So make your appointment today for a FREE Invisalign Consultation and learn what it can do for you.  951-506-2424

Dr Michael Skidmore is a dentist in Temecula, CA.  He is an Invisalign Provider in Temecula and treats patients from Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Menifee and the surrounding area.  Dr Skidmore is also a family and cosmetic Temecula dentist and does crowns, bridges, veneers, white fillings etc.

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