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Temecula Cosmetic Dentist Monthly Article

This month’s educational article from Temecula family dentist Dr Skidmore is on gum (Periodontal) disease. Periodontal diseases range from simple gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. In the worst cases, teeth are lost.

When gingivitis is not treated by a cosmetic dentist or Temecula dentist, it can advance to “periodontitis” (which means “inflammation around the tooth.”) In periodontitis, gums pull away from the teeth and form “pockets” that are infected. The body’s immune system fights the bacteria as the plaque spreads and grows below the gum line.

If you’re diagnosed with periodontal disease, your periodontist may recommend periodontal surgery says a cosmetic Temecula dentist. Periodontal surgery is necessary when your family dentist and periodontist determine that the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical treatment.

According to dentists in Temecula, the following are risk factors for gum disease:

Smoking/Tobacco Use

As you probably already know, tobacco use is linked with many serious illnesses such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease, as well as numerous other health problems says a cosmetic dentist. What you may not know is that tobacco users also are at increased risk for periodontal disease. In fact, recent studies have shown that tobacco use may be one of the most significant risk factors in the development and progression of periodontal disease says a cosmetic dentist.


Research proves that up to 30% of the population may be genetically susceptible to gum disease. Despite aggressive oral care habits, these people may be six times more likely to develop periodontal disease. Identifying these people with a genetic test before they even show signs of the disease and getting them into early interceptive treatment by a cosmetic dentist or family dentist may help them keep their teeth for a lifetime.


As a woman, you know that your health needs are unique. You know that brushing and flossing daily, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are all important to help you stay in shape says a cosmetic dentist. You also know that at specific times in your life, you need to take extra care of yourself.  Times when you mature and change, for example, puberty or menopause, and times when you have special health needs, such as menstruation or pregnancy. During these particular times, your body experiences hormonal changes. These changes can affect many of the tissues in your body, including your gums.  Your gums can become sensitive, and at times react strongly to the hormonal fluctuations say Temecula dentists. This may make you more susceptible to gum disease. Additionally, recent studies suggest that pregnant women with gum disease are seven times more likely to deliver preterm, low birth weight babies.


Stress is linked to many serious conditions such as hypertension, cancer, and numerous other health problems. What you may not know is that stress also is a risk factor for periodontal disease. Research by dentists demonstrates that stress can make it more difficult for the body to fight off infection, including periodontal disease.


Some drugs, such as oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, and certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health. Just as you notify your cosmetic dentist or Temecula dentist and other health care providers of all medicines you are taking and any changes in your overall health, you should also inform your dental care provider.


Has anyone ever told you that you grind your teeth at night? Is your jaw sore from clenching your teeth when you’re taking a test or solving a problem at work? Clenching or grinding your teeth can put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could speed up the rate at which these periodontal tissues are destroyed.  Your Temecula dentist can evaluate your teeth for signs of grinding


Diabetes is a disease that causes altered levels of sugar in the blood says a Temecula cosmetic dentist.  According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 16 million Americans have diabetes; however, more than half have not been diagnosed with this disease. If you are diabetic, you are at higher risk for developing infections, including periodontal diseases. These infections can impair the ability to process and/or utilize insulin, which may cause your diabetes to be more difficult to control and your infection to be more severe than a non-diabetic.


As you may already know, a diet low in important nutrients can compromise the body’s immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infection. Because periodontal disease is a serious infection, poor nutrition can worsen the condition of your gums.  Your family dentist in Temecula can educate you on proper nutrition.

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