Harmful Habits to Avoid: Advice From Temecula Dentist Dr. Skidmore

At the Temecula Dental Office of Dr. Michael Skidmore, we care about your dental health! Which is why we want to make our patients aware of some common yet harmful dental habits they should avoid. We want you to prolong the health, beauty and function of your smile for years to come by steering clear of the following:

  • Using your teeth as tools. Opening bottles, stripping wire, even holding objects such as pens, we’ve seen patients damage their teeth in some creative ways! We recommend that Temecula dental patients avoid tooth fracture by using their teeth for chewing only.
  • Chewing ice, fingernails, etc. Oftentimes, these habits become so ingrained, we may not even be aware we are doing them. It may take a concerted effort to cease, but for the health of your teeth, its certainly worth it.
  • Grinding or clenching at night. Called bruxism, the habit of grinding or clenching one’s teeth at night is difficult to stop. However, Temecula dentist Dr. Skidmore can provide a removable night guard appliance to prevent unnecessary wear.
  • Improper home care. With the busy schedules of many today, sometimes personal care like brushing and flossing can be rushed, or even skipped altogether! Our dedicated hygiene team is happy to educate our Temecula dental patients on proper home care.
  • Neglecting regular dental visits. Regular teeth cleanings and screenings for decay and oral disease are crucial to the longevity of your beautiful smile!

Please contact the office of Dr. Michael Skidmore today with all of your dental concerns and questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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