Not everything is about TEETH! Temecula Dentist Dr Skidmore competes in 200 mile race

Besides being a great dentist in Temecula, Dr Skidmore loves to be active and just finished a 200 mile relay race.

“I was actually invited to participate by one of our patients.  Although I knew I would have to train, I never turn down a good challenge.  Although practicinng dentistry in Temecula seems like it would be easy on the body, all the bending over and micro-movements are pretty tough on me so I enjoy staying in shape to stay healthy.

Our team, which was sponsored by our temecula dentist office, ran for 30 hours straight.  We started in Santa Barbara and ran down the coast all the way to Laguna Beach.  We slept where and when we could, including on the Santa Monica Pier!  It was a blast although a challenge.”

Dr Skidmore is active in his local community of Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee and Lake Elsinore.  He is among few dentists in Temecula that provide Invisalign, Snap On Smile, Lumineers, Boost Whitening, as well as all routine dental services(root canals, comprehensive hygiene cleanings, white fillings, crowns, etc).

This is at about 2 am, our Temecula Dentist team of runners


Here is Dr Skidmore sleeping on the Santa Monica Pier

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